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Titel Russian operatic arias : for baritone ; 19th and 20th century repertoire ; complete with translations and guidance on pronunciation / selected and ed. by David Fanning. Singing transl. by Alexander Wells
Inhalt Enthält:
Brothers, listen to the story, from Askold's grave / Verstovsky. - Great Perun, a damask sword from you I pray, from Ruslan and Lyudmila / Glinka. - Your weeping, child, will not restore him, from The demon / Rubinstein. - No sleep, no rest, from Prince Igor / Borodin. - My pow'r is absolute, from Boris Godunov. Fast asleep the soldiers lie, from Khovanshchina / Musorgsky. - Were I a man like any other, from Yevgeny Onegin. Oh, Maria, Maria!, from Mazeppa. Her image lingers day and night, from The enchantress. Our Muscovite venus, the toast of Versailles; You know my love, my adoration, from The queen of Spades. There's none who can equal Matilda the fair!, from Iolanta / Tchaikovsky. - With her houses of stone, city-mother of all, from Sadko / Rimsky-Korsakov. - The gypsies sleep, from Aleko / Rachmaninoff.
Person(en) Fanning, David (Herausgeber)
Ausgabe [Klavierauszug]
Verlag London [u.a.] : Peters
Frankfurt (Main) [u.a.] : C. F. Peters
Zeitliche Einordnung Erscheinungsdatum: c 2005
Umfang/Format XXIX, 103 S. ; 30 cm
Abweichende Titel Nebent.: An anthology of Russian operatic arias.
ISMN M-57708-406-0
Bestellnummer(n) Ed. Peters 7583 : EUR 24.80
EAN 9790577084060
Anmerkungen Text russ., engl., franz. und dt. - Text auch in kyrill. Schr.
Sachgruppe(n) 783.1 Lieder

Frankfurt Signatur: M 2005 BB 06447
Bereitstellung in Frankfurt
Leipzig Signatur: M 2005 BB 06447
Bereitstellung in Leipzig

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