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Titel In a jazzy mental mood
Teil: 2. / [Interpr.: Reneé Olstead ; Keb' Mo' ; Curtis Stigers ; Cultured Pearls ; Peter Cincotti ; Xaver Fischer Trio ...]
Inhalt Enthält:
A love that will last. Isn't she lovely. Sea and sand. Testify. You inspire me. How long has this been going on. Miss Riddle. Forgiveness time. 2 becomes 3. Many rivers to cross. Girls should stick together. Time will wait. You show me. Smile. Use me. Why can't it wait till morning. Hello. Sway. Summer calling. Glass house. Everybody wants to be alone sometimes. In time. Addicted. Better times. Anchorless. Sunny jay. Night and day. In your own time. If you get scared. Don't let me be lonely tonight. You don't know me.
Person(en) Olstead, Reneé (Sänger)
Keb' Mo' (Sänger)
Stigers, Curtis (Instrumentalmusiker)
Cincotti, Peter (Instrumentalmusiker)
Organisation(en) Cultured Pearls (Ausführender)
Xaver-Fischer-Trio (Ausführender)
Verlag [Hamburg] : Edel Media & Entertainment
Hamburg : Edel
Zeitliche Einordnung Erscheinungsdatum: P 2005
Umfang/Format 2 CDs ; 12 cm + Beih.
Persistent Identifier URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-201408213198
Bestellnummer(n) Edel Records (LC 01666) 016199 2 ERE
EAN 4029758619926
Beziehungen In a jazzy mental mood ; Part 2
Anmerkungen Frühere P-Jahre: 1983 - 2005.

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Frankfurt Signatur: T 2005 CD 06267
Bereitstellung des Begleitmaterials in Frankfurt
Leipzig Signatur: T 2005 CD 06267
Bereitstellung des Begleitmaterials in Leipzig

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