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Neuigkeiten Am Mittwoch, dem 21. November (Buß- und Bettag) bleibt die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig geschlossen. Die Ausstellungen des Deutschen Buch- und Schriftmuseums sind ebenfalls geschlossen. // The German National Library in Leipzig will be closed on Wednesday 21 November 2018. The Exhibitions of the German Museum of Books and Writing will be closed as well.

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Person Moore, Mary Elizabeth
Andere Namen Mullino Moore, Mary Elizabeth
Mullino Moore, Mary E.
Moore, Mary E.
Quelle LCAuth; CV
Zeit Lebensdaten: 1945-
Land USA (XD-US)
Beruf(e) Theologin
Weitere Angaben Boston University, Dean of the School of Theology, Professor of Theology and Education, Co-Director of the Center for Practical Theology. Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore sees her primary work as working with others and contributing her small part toward repair of the world (tikkun olam). Her recent books include Teaching as a Sacramental Act, Ministering with the Earth, and Teaching from the Heart, plus the co-edited volumes Children, Youth, and Spirituality in a Troubling World and Practical Theology and Hermeneutics. She has also written many articles on education, process and feminist theologies, and justice and reconciliation.
Typ Person (piz)

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