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Person Jang, Jin seung
Geschlecht männlich
Andere Namen Jang, Jin Seong
Jang, Jin-sung
Chang, Chin-sŏng
장, 진성 (Schriftcode: Kore)
Quelle LCAuth
Wikipedia (Stand 14.10.2016): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jang_Jin-sung
Zeit Lebensdaten: 1970- (abweichendes Geburtsjahr: 1971)
Land Nordkorea (XB-KP); Südkorea (XB-KR)
Beruf(e) Schriftsteller
Weitere Angaben Jang Jin Seong was a former court poet for North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. After fleeing to South Korea he became a best-selling author and media sensation. A graduate of Kim Il-sung University, he became a favourite of the Pyongyang government and was twice invited to meet leader Kim Jong-il. After realising that he could no longer live under Jong-il’s regime, he fled that life and all its relative comforts to cross the Tumen River into China, eventually settling in South Korea. There he has just published a volume of poetry, For 100 Won, My Daughter I Sell. Jang Jin-sung uses a pseudonym to avoid endangering relatives left behind in isolated and bankrupt North Korea. Today he lives in Seoul.
Typ Pseudonym (pip)

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