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Person Stel, Simon van der
Geschlecht männlich
Andere Namen Van der Stel, Simon
Quelle LCAuth
Zeit Lebensdaten: 1639-1712
Land Niederlande (XA-NL)
Beruf(e) Gouverneur
Weitere Angaben territorial governor; born 1639 in Mauritius; commander of Dutch colony at the Cape of Good Hope; moved to the Netherlands (1659); served in the Amsterdam militia as a cavalry officer in the war with France (1672); commander of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in Cape of Good Hope (1679-1699); made a well-documented exploration of the Namaqualand copper mines (1685); discovered the ore; set up the farm which became the premier wine estate of the Cape and the first marketed in Europe; successful governor and contributed considerably to the Cape colonial society; died 1712 in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Beziehungen zu Organisationen Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie
Typ Person (piz)

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