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Name Papadopoulos, G. K.
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 1 Publikation
  1. MHC class II molecules and the immune response to the ABBOS peptide of bovine serum albumin: prelude to Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes?
    In: Diabetologia Bd. 36, Nr. 11, date:11.1993: 1214-1215
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  1. A note on the correlation between circular and linear variables with an application to wind direction and air temperature data in a Mediterranean climate
    In: Meteorology and atmospheric physics 14.2.2017: 1-6
  2. Polymorphic structural features of modelled HLA-DQ molecules segregate according to susceptibility or resistance to IDDM
    In: Diabetologia Bd. 38, Nr. 11, date:11.1995: 1251-1261

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