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Name Ryan, Nicola
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 1 Publikation
  1. Intravascular ultrasound guidance of percutaneous coronary intervention in ostial chronic total occlusions: a description of the technique and procedural results
    In: The international journal of cardiovascular imaging 14.2.2017: 1-7
Beteiligt an 2 Publikationen
  1. Targeting the dominant mechanism of coronary microvascular dysfunction with intracoronary physiology tests
    In: The international journal of cardiovascular imaging 13.5.2017: 1-19
  2. PRotective Effect on the coronary microcirculation of patients with DIabetes by Clopidogrel or Ticagrelor (PREDICT): study rationale and design. A randomized multicenter clinical trial using intracoronary multimodal physiology
    In: Cardiovascular diabetology Bd. 16, 19.5.2017, Nr. 1, date:12.2017: 1-9

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