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Name Hughes, Simon
Andere Namen Hughes, S.
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 1 Publikation
  1. The use of whole genome amplification to study chromosomal changes in prostate cancer: insights into genome-wide signature of preneoplasia associated with cancer progression
    In: BMC genomics Bd. 7, 30.3.2006, Nr. 1, date:12.2006: 1-10
Beteiligt an 8 Publikationen
  1. Different Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Explanations Following a Multiple-Document Inquiry Activity in Science
    In: International journal of artificial intelligence in education 7.2.2017: 1-33
  2. A germline mutation of CDKN2A and a novel RPLP1-C19MC fusion detected in a rare melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy: a case report
    In: BMC cancer Bd. 16, 12.8.2016, Nr. 1, date:12.2016: 1-14
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