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Name Avenant-Oldewage, Annemarié
Andere Namen Oldewage, Annemarié A.-
Beteiligt an 4 Publikationen
  1. The description of a new diplozoid species, Paradiplozoon krugerense n. sp., from Labeo rosae Steindachner, 1894 and Labeo congoro Peters, 1852 in the Kruger National Park, South Africa with notes on the effect of water quality on its infection variables
    In: Hydrobiologia 19.5.2016: 1-17
  2. Fish as bioindicators for trace element pollution from two contrasting lakes in the Eastern Rift Valley, Kenya: spatial and temporal aspects
    In: Environmental science and pollution research Bd. 24, 7.7.2017, Nr. 24, date:8.2017: 19767-19776
  3. ...

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