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Name Gu, Ying
Andere Namen Ku, Ying
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 3 Publikationen
  1. Strongly coupled Ag/TiO2 heterojunctions for effective and stable photothermal catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
    In: Nano research 4.7.2017: 1-16
  2. A general strategy toward the large-scale synthesis of the noble metal-oxide nanocrystal hybrids with intimate interfacial contact for the catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol and photocatalytic degradation of pollutants
    In: Research on chemical intermediates 21.2.2017: 1-21
  3. ...
Beteiligt an 3 Publikationen
  1. Reproducible Molecularly Imprinted QCM Sensor for Accurate, Stable, and Sensitive Detection of Enrofloxacin Residue in Animal-Derived Foods
    In: Food analytical methods 16.8.2017: 1-9
  2. Identification of Strategic Residues at the Interface of Antigen–Antibody Interactions by In Silico Mutagenesis
    In: Interdisciplinary sciences / Computational life sciences 30.5.2017: 1-11
  3. ...

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