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Name Yamada, Takeshi
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 5 Publikationen
  1. The effect of Daikenchuto on postoperative intestinal motility in patients with right-side colon cancer
    In: Surgery today 21.11.2016: 1-7
  2. Is serum HER2 ECD a predictive biomarker for response to trastuzumab in advanced gastric cancer?
    In: Journal of gastroenterology 18.2.2016: 1-2
  3. ...
Beteiligt an 6 Publikationen
  1. Spontaneous rotation of the monorail-type guide extension support catheter during advancement of a curved guiding catheter: the potential hazard of twisting with the coronary guidewire
    In: Cardiovascular intervention and therapeutics 20.11.2017: 1-5
  2. Severe catheter kinking and entrapment during transbrachial angiography: percutaneous retrieval with a slender approach
    In: Cardiovascular intervention and therapeutics 11.3.2016: 1-3
  3. ...

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