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Neuigkeiten Mittwoch, 20. November 2019 (Buß- und Bettag): Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig und die Ausstellungen des Deutschen Buch- und Schriftmuseums sind geschlossen. // Wednesday, 20 November 2019 (Penance Day): The German National Library and the exhibitions of the German Museum of Books and Writing will be closed.

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Name Zhang, Limin
Andere Namen Chang, Li-min
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 5 Publikationen
  1. Characterizing the spatial variations and correlations of large rainstorms for landslide study
    In: Hydrology and earth system sciences Bd. 21, 2017, Nr. 9: 4573-4589
  2. Altitudinal variation in ant–aphid mutualism in nitrogen transfer of oak (Quercus liaotungensis)
    In: Arthropod-plant interactions 13.4.2017: 1-7
  3. ...
Beteiligt an 15 Publikationen
  1. Elevated hardness of peripheral gland on real-time elastography is an independent marker for high-risk prostate cancers
    In: La Radiologia medica 23.8.2017: 1-8
  2. Mechanical Properties and Deformation and Failure Characteristics of Surrounding Rocks of Tunnels Excavated in Soft Rocks
    In: Geotechnical and geological engineering 16.6.2017: 1-13
  3. ...

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