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Name Prieto, Iván
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 2 Publikationen
  1. Decomposition rates of fine roots from three herbaceous perennial species: combined effect of root mixture composition and living plant community
    In: Plant and soil 5.1.2017: 1-14
  2. Species-specific roles of ectomycorrhizal fungi in facilitating interplant transfer of hydraulically redistributed water between Pinus halepensis saplings and seedlings
    In: Plant and soil 17.3.2016: 1-13
Beteiligt an 3 Publikationen
  1. Soil aggregate stability in Mediterranean and tropical agro-ecosystems: effect of plant roots and soil characteristics
    In: Plant and soil 6.10.2017: 1-15
  2. Disentangling the Litter Quality and Soil Microbial Contribution to Leaf and Fine Root Litter Decomposition Responses to Reduced Rainfall
    In: Ecosystems Bd. 19, 21.12.2015, Nr. 3, date:4.2016: 490-503
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