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Name Fisher, Mandy
Publikationen von Autoren mit diesem Namen 1 Publikation
  1. Concentrations of persistent organic pollutants in maternal and cord blood from the maternal-infant research on environmental chemicals (MIREC) cohort study [electronic resource]
    In: Environmental health Bd. 15, 4.5.2016, Nr. 1, date:12.2016: 1-14
Beteiligt an 2 Publikationen
  1. A birth cohort study to investigate the association between prenatal phthalate and bisphenol A exposures and fetal markers of metabolic dysfunction [electronic resource]
    In: Environmental health Bd. 13, 22.10.2014, Nr. 1, date:12.2014: 1-14
  2. Urinary and breast milk biomarkers to assess exposure to naphthalene in pregnant women: an investigation of personal and indoor air sources [electronic resource]
    In: Environmental health Bd. 13, 27.4.2014, Nr. 1, date:12.2014: 1-12

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