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Artikel 1 No evidence for tephra in Greenland from the historic eruption of Vesuvius in 79&thinsp;CE: implications for geochronology and paleoclimatology
Enthalten in Climate of the past Bd. 18, 2022, Nr. 1: 45-65. 21 S.
Online Ressource
Artikel 2 Familial Pride: A Protective Factor Against Psychological Maladjustment Among Asian American Adolescents
Enthalten in Journal of child and family studies 29.6.2022: 1-10
Online Ressource
Online Ressourcen 3 Hemispheric black carbon increase after the 13th-century Māori arrival in New Zealand
McConnell, Joseph R., 2021
Online Ressource
Artikel 4 The 852/3 CE Mount Churchill eruption: examining the potential climatic and societal impacts and the timing of the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the North Atlantic Region
Enthalten in Climate of the past discussions 02.12.2021: 1-50. 50 S.
Online Ressource
Online Ressourcen 5 Extreme climate after massive eruption of Alaska’s Okmok volcano in 43 BCE and effects on the late Roman Republic and Ptolemaic Kingdom
McConnell, Joseph R.. - NATL ACAD SCIENCES, 2020
Online Ressource
Bücher 6 Benoît XVI et le plan de Dieu
Plunkett, Patrice de. - Paris : Presses de la Renaissance, 2005
Vorhanden in Leipzig
Artikel 7 Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology annual scientific meeting 2016
In: Allergy, asthma and clinical immunology Bd. 13, 7.4.2017, Nr. 1, date:5.2017: 1-19
Online Ressource
Artikel 8 Proceedings of the Canadian society of allergy and clinical immunology annual scientific meeting 2015
In: Allergy, asthma and clinical immunology Bd. 12, 25.8.2016, Nr. 1, date:5.2016: 1-28
Online Ressource
Artikel 9 The Penicillin for the Emergency Department Outpatient treatment of CELLulitis (PEDOCELL) trial: update to the study protocol and detailed statistical analysis plan (SAP)
In: Trials Bd. 18, 24.8.2017, Nr. 1, date:12.2017: 1-9
Online Ressource
Werke 10 Benjamin, Arthur / Mystical songs
Werk der Musik (wim)

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