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Artikel 1 Closing the Cycle as It Begins: Synthesis of ortho ‐Iodobiaryls via Catellani Reaction
Enthalten in Angewandte Chemie / International edition 27.03.2023. 7 S.
Online Ressource
Artikel 2 Closing the Cycle as It Begins: Synthesis of ortho ‐Iodobiaryls via Catellani Reaction
Enthalten in Angewandte Chemie 27.03.2023. 7 S.
Online Ressource
Bücher 3 AlpTransit
Demaldi, Nicola. - Lugano : Fontana edizioni, [2022]
Artikel 4 Chronic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy with Pigment Epithelium Detachment Treated with Sildenafil: A Case Report
Enthalten in Case reports in ophthalmology Bd. 13, 2022, Nr. 3: 692-699. 8 S.
Online Ressource
Artikel 5 Comparison of extraction methods for active biomolecules using sub-critical dimethyl ether and n-butane
Enthalten in European food research and technology 14.9.2022: 1-8
Online Ressource
Artikel 6 Development of Surface Chemical Strategies for Synthesizing Redox‐Responsive Diatomite Nanoparticles as a Green Platform for On‐Demand Intracellular Release of an Antisense Peptide Nucleic Acid Anticancer Agent
Enthalten in Small 11.09.2022. 14 S.
Online Ressource
Artikel 7 Mental health and the effects on methylation of stress-related genes in front-line versus other health care professionals during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian pilot study
Enthalten in European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience 24.8.2022: 1-10
Online Ressource
Bücher 8 [Artgerecht - das andere Kleinkinderbuch]
Výchova dětí jinak
Schmidt, Nicola. - Olomouc : FONTÁNA, [2020], Vydání ve první
Vorhanden in Leipzig
Artikel 9 Associations between body mass index, waist circumference and erectile dysfunction: a systematic review and META-analysis
Enthalten in Reviews in endocrine & metabolic disorders 31.1.2020: 1-10
Online Ressource
Artikel 10 Cyclodextrin‐Calixarene Nanosponges as Potential Platforms for pH‐Dependent Delivery of Tetracycline
Enthalten in ChemistrySelect Bd. 4, 2019, Nr. 33: 9743-9747. 5 S.
Online Ressource

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